Passionate Unilorites,


Some unidentified people came to our campus with a convoy and police envoys to make awareness for a program that has not been approved by the school authority. For a community that is security conscious and takes the safety of students as priority, this kind of unapproved movements is highly prohibited on our campus.

Not only did they failed to follow the due protocol, they were also driving recklessly, without caution. This raised a security concern and these unidentified people were blocked from exiting through the school gate, which subsequently affected the movement of other vehicles to and fro.

As a union that holds the welfare of students in high importance, we proceeded to the gate for two purposes:

i. To see to the movement of commercial vehicles to and fro campus to reduce the congestion at the park and not keep our members stranded on campus. And,

ii. To ensure that the security issue is properly addressed, simply because we cannot allow unidentified persons to roam our campus without checks. The safety of all students is paramount to us.

Thankfully, we were able to achieve our aims as the gate has been opened for passage of vehicles and the unidentified people has been handed over to the security unit.

The situation of the park is now under control and we apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused all our members. The welfare of our students remains our priority and we'll go any length to rebrand that part of the value system.