Passionate Unilorites,


Sequel to the fact that some students came late for their CA tests today and the Student Union had to plead on their behalf, we wish to inform all the BetterByFar students of the importance of punctuality to the examination center.

We want students to correct the notion that examination cannot start at the exact time scheduled for it, because the old scheduling process has been totally rebranded. The timetable is now planned in such a way that everybody having exams at a particular time can all be accommodated at once.

The usual queueing at the CBT entrance is now a thing of the past, and we want our members to evolve with this progressive developments too. We hereby beseech students to pay keen attention to the time arrangement of their courses in order not to fall victim of lateness to the CBT.

Also, in order to ease the stress our members face at the entrance to the CBT Center, the immediate past administration of the Student Union built a shade at the CBT Center to shield students from the weather conditions and also offer them comfort before sitting for examinations.

We shall commit ourselves to the maintenance of the facility and ensure that we faction in more rebranding touches on this part of the value system.