It is now obvious that we have found ourselves in a country that wishes to develop without first prioritizing the education of her youths nor investing tangibly in their future. What is not so obvious is the reason the Buhari-Led Federal Government has decided to gamble with the future of the country by setting a new record for the longest ASUU strike ever; 8 months and still counting.

From our thoughts, the FG and ASUU seem to be deriving a secret pleasure from their unending 'indoor' and attention-seeking 'romance' meetings. This 'romance' must STOP!

The leadership of the University of Ilorin Student Union, in solidarity with other higher institution leaders across the country, is taking brave steps to reclaim the future of this country from these seemingly unbothered leaders of our country. We have engaged in series of productive consultations with other Union leaders and our next step is the Joint Press Conference to issue an ultimatum to the Federal Government of Nigeria before we take drastic actions that will shake the roots of this country!

The Joint Press Conference is scheduled to hold by 9 am on Thursday, November 12, 2020, at the University of Ibadan Student Union Building. We can no longer fold our hands and let this FG VS ASUU 'romance' continue on a loop. We beseech all the greatest Nigerian youths to join this STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE!