Passionate Unilorites,


Sequel to the revision of the academic calendar for the 2019/2020 academic session and the announcement of the date of commencement for the Virtual learning, officials of the Student Union together with Faculty Presidents met on campus to discuss the current situation and interact with arms of the University management after receiving several crucial concerns and agitations from our members.

Esteemed Unilorites, these are trying times as impelled by the Covid-19 and ASUU Strike. In furtherance of our dedication to the welfare of students, we compiled and tabled all received complaints to the management. However, a bird-eye look into the issues at the meeting revealed reasons behind the new development which are necessary for continuity of studies after a prolonged pause. Moreover, we have been assured that the virtual learning is only for the period of the COVID-19 lockdown announced by the Federal Government and normalcy will be restored as soon as there's a go-ahead for physical activities on campus.

Also, we have lodged complaints to the appropriate quarters on the complexity and stressful process of enrolling for the virtual learning, activation and reactivation of student email, reset of passwords, and all other general complaints we have received from students so far. We'll keep compiling and lodging the general issues students are facing, and we are working with the COMSIT and Faculty associations to facilitate a decentralized and swift help desk to help students with the whole process.

The outcome of our activities on campus yesterday birthed the Table Talk program, which we are organizing to feature the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Acad), Prof. Sylvia Malomo, and the Director of COMSIT, Prof. Dupe Ademola-Popoola, to facilitate a broader platform between the management and the students. The radio program is scheduled to come up on January 6-7th, 10 am daily, on Unilorin FM 89.3 FM (or visit to join live from anywhere in the world).

In addendum, we are working with the University on a solid partnership with GLO for a cheap and discounted custom data plan to reduce the cost of Internet access for students of the University of Ilorin. The details of this efforts shall be communicated to the general public as soon as they are finalized. The University is also working on a Resource Center with 200+ standby computers to help indigent students gain access to prerecorded lectures and other academics materials to aid the learning.

On a final note, we urge students not to panic about the enrollment process if they are experiencing any issues and reach out to the COMSIT Helpdesk via [email protected] for technical assistance.