The University management, together with representatives of the Student Union, met with the owners of off-campus hostels in the University host communities with the sole agenda of reinforcing the smooth alliance between the University and the owners in preparation for the return of students to town.

At the meeting, the representative of the Universities appealed to the association of house owners on three key issues that affect the welfare of the students:

1. No quit notice or illegal locking of hostels

Due to the reports that have been received of some hostels serving students a quit notice and denying them access to their rooms, we appealed to the Landlords to be understanding, considerate, and patient with students who were unavoidably forced to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. 2-Months Payment Grace Period

We also appealed to the Landlords to grant students who decide to remain in their hostels upon resumption the grace of 60 days to clear their outstanding house rents. However, it was agreed at the meeting that students who decide to move out to another hostel must clear out their outstanding house rents before moving out.

3. 10% giveaway as palliative from outstanding bills

Another appeal was made to the Landlords to offer financial support to students in the form of COVID palliatives. It is understandable that these hostels are the source of income for these owners too, however, the long break that kept students out of their hostels was nobody's fault and both parties involved must be understanding to find a balance. We appealed to the Landlords to offer a 10%-off to students as a show of empathy and support.

While reacting to the requests of the University, the leadership of the Landlords association informed the University of their own plans, which already included some of the requests of the University, and that some owners are already implementing these policies in their hostels. However, the leadership of the association concluded on discussing the appeals of the University with other members and communicate their resolutions to the University.

We urge students to be peace-loving and law abiding when dealing with matters related to hostels and house rents. The University and the Student Union will continue to work and ensure that the welfare of students is not endangered.

While we await the resolutions of the Landlords, it is our hope that all the discussions at the meeting materializes in no time. We remain committed to our mission to rebrand the value system by always protecting the interests of our students.