Passionate Unilorites,


In the light of the recent power outage and water scarcity that hit our campus some days ago, the leadership of the Student Union met with the school management to register our displeasures and show our dissatisfaction over the state of things on campus, and to also call for immediate actions to restore the social amenities back on campus.

As promised to us at the meeting, electricity was restored on campus yesterday and all electrical faults that played part in the blackout have been rectified. Also, the school management made it known to us that the unit in charge of water supply on campus have been working around the clock to mitigate the damages and re-channel water back to the various outlets on campus and that indeed, water will be available in school today.

The campus-wide Internet availability was also one of the key item on the agenda for the meeting. Even though it is the news of a complete installation at all approved locations that would be most appealing to us, we are glad that installations are almost complete at the CBT Sit-out, the University Stadium, and also the Student Affairs Unit area, while work is work is going on at other locations on campus.

The power outage and water scarcity were results of the heavy rainfall that wrecked havoc at almost every corner in Kwara State. We apologize to all students for the inconvenience they have gone through and we also appreciate you for your calmness, patience, and perseverance during this period.