Passionate Unilorites,


The leadership of the Student Union is taking necessary steps to combat all security issues on campus and ensure the wellbeing of students with all our capacity. We have tabled the issues that have been brought to us to the management and demanded that capable security officials be placed at strategic places on campus and instructed to patrol round the campus at night. We have also requested that the school be lightened up and more shady areas be illuminated.

We beseech students to avoid walking alone or in isolation on campus at night, and also avoid dark routes and places at night. We also urge students to ensure they carry a means of identification (ID Card) with them at all times, as any unidentifiable individual would be arrested and punished accordingly.

Kindly report any unusual activities or suspicious individuals to:

Passion - 08101975556
Bankz - 08148163807
Intellect - 08108679294

Or tweet us @UilStudentUnion on Twitter

We apologize for the unstable power supply in the past couple of weeks and we appeal to students residing on campus to be patient with us, the outage is due to faults in transmission from the Distribution Company and is out of the control of the University. However, as a fast alternative, the university generator is under repair and installation and shall be activated as a power backup on campus as soon as it is completed.