Focused Unilorites,

Firstly, we appreciate the Almighty God for bestowing on us the opportunity to be inaugurated as the 34th set of Executives of this prosperous Union, on this great occasion which marks a watershed in the history of our Union.

Focused Unilorites, it is indeed noteworthy that, by your legitimacy, you have handed the wheels of our Union's ship to us as newly inaugurated executives. We appreciate the honour, privilege and trust reposed in us. Be rest assured that the Union is in safe hands as we would remain people focused.

It is without gainsaying that the success of any administration depends on the quality of leadership. To actualize the People Focused Agenda, we promise to sustain good leadership and showcase a responsible administration.

As we resume officially to work today, we are adequately and readily prepared to deliver the People Focused mandate to all Unilorites. We hereby solicit for overwhelming support and firm contributions from all quarters to ensure a successful delivery of this mandate.

Thank you!