As a responsive Union, enthusiastic about the welfare of her members, the leadership of the union and the head of the campus korope drivers held an intensive meeting in order to discuss salient issues on the services being rendered to students.

We're particularly excited about informing our members that there would be an influx of korope buses on-campus. These new buses will complement the services of existing ones and also, reduce the horrific congestion at the park.

However, as a result of the third wave of the Corona Virus pandemic, the sitting arrangement and price remains 3-3-2 and 80 Naira, respectively. The resurgence of the pandemic, to a very large extent, has inhibited negotiations and adversely affected a reduction in price.

Also, we are not unaware of and we understand the difficulties the Agric students face in accessing the farm. Hence, we have concluded that the drivers transport them to the farm with compliance to the approved sitting arrangement and price, that is, 3-3-2 and 80 Naira respectively. By the same token and arrangement, students of Veterinary medicine will also be conveyed directly to their faculty.

Students are hereby advised to adhere to new regulations and also, report perceived misconduct of korope drivers to the Union, with an appropriate and a substantial evidence.

Conclusively, we resolved for an extension in the working hours of korope drivers. Therefore, they would, henceforth, be operative from the hours of 6:00AM till 10:30PM or so soon thereafter.

Be assured that as a People Focused Administration, we are working round the clock to ensure students enjoy premium transportation with ease on campus.