As a responsible organization, working round the clock to ease the stress of students and also, making conscious efforts towards maximizing the transportation apparatus on campus, it's paramount that we sustain the existing system.

However, it is quite absurd and ridiculous, that a number of students are hellbent on ruining the gains and frustrating the efforts of the union by promoting lawlessness and gross misconduct, consciously or otherwise. Thereby, initiating unrecognised parks and stopping korope buses to convey them at unauthorized places.

It is pertinent to note that all buses and taxis are to ONLY convey Students at the park, approved and authorized by the University Management. Hence, we crave the indulgence of all Unilorites that contrary to popular perception, the land space at the Faculty of Education is a bus stop and NOT the (subsidiary) park. Henceforth, we shall no longer condone the usage of the bus stop as a park. All students (irrespective of the faculty) are to converge at the University Central Park in strict orderliness and compliance.

Also, we are not unaware of the unethical acts peculiar to some Korope drivers -extorting students, by claiming to convey them to post office or challenge and then charge them N150. Be informed that Korope is only meant to shuttle the school park and terminus. On no occasion should you pay N150 to any Korope driver.

As a People-Focused administration, we are keenly vested in the welfare of our members and we do not take your patience for granted.