According to medical experts, the third wave of the Corona Virus pandemic which is known as COVID-19 Delta variant is deadlier than the earlier ones that had been experienced. Sequel to this, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) issued a nationwide warning on the third wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

In the same vein, the University Management has hereby direct that all members of the University community to be safety-conscious and take responsibility.

The following measures should be adhered to strictly:

1. Wear your face mask religiously in public places;
2. Regularly wash and sanitize your hands;
3. Maintain social distancing; and
4. Obey the general rules of hygiene.

Finally, if you experience any health issue such as fever, dry cough, diarrhea, chest pain or loss of taste or smell, kindly visit a medical personnel for prompt treatment.

You're all enjoined to cooperate and adhere to the above precautionary measures of COVID-19 Delta variant.