This is to inform all students that taking of Faculty organized passport photographs for the sake of ID Card production is no longer necessary.

According to COMSIT, facilities are available on various portals to generate the required data, signature and pictures that would be needed to produce Identification Cards including temporary, permanent and NYSC for students.

In case of loss of ID card, affected students should report to their Faculty Officers who is going to ensure the production of their temporary ID cards.

Students can update the photo on their portal by sending a mail with matric number, name and new passport picture on red background to [email protected]. However, this update would be subjected to verification.

Finalists are enjoined to change the picture on their respective portals to a recent one (for the sake of Certificate and NYSC ID Card) by following the process above.

This new development is to ensure a seamless process of ID card production and also alleviate the stress of students.