Earlier today, a delegation of Union officials ably led by the President, Taofik Waliu Opeyemi (OMOLUABI) met with the Commissioner of Police, Kwara State Command to discuss ways to curb the incessant police harassment and extortion.

At the meeting which also featured PPRO of Kwara State Command, DPO F' Division, Union officials and other Union members, the Union confessed its displeasure towards the actions of some of the officers harassing and extorting its members.

The Commissioner however reaffirmed his promise to put end to the menace. He also stressed that the command has began to place appropriate sanctions on erring officers.

The following are the resolutions of the meeting:

- The Command will ensure the safety of lives and properties which is its primary objective;
- Students arrested for cybercrime (or other crimes) should be allowed to communicate with people;
- Police officers should not raid students' hostel unless it is permitted by the DPO of F division and such officer must identify himself and the reasons for engaging such student;
- Any student that is able to identify himself as a student should not be arrested unless there is an huge evidence of an offence committed by him;
- Students should obey the rule of law that banned the movement of motorcycles from working beyond 9pm;
- Students should report cases of brutality to the Union.

Also, it was agreed that a seven man committee of the Student Union will be meeting the Commsioner of Police every fortnight (two weeks) to give comprehensive reports of situations of police brutality from the Tanke area. Thus, all issues of harassment should be reported to the Union officials and if there is any harassment by any police officer, the name of the officer as written on his uniform should be noted and sent to the president and any member of the committee that will soon be constituted for such purpose.

We urge every Unilorites to be law-abiding as we remain steadfast in our commitment to be people focused.