1. Illegal Transfers of bedspaces: It is crucial to emphasize the illegality of transferring bedspaces. It is a known fact that transfer of bedspaces in whatever disguise is illegal in UNILORIN. Recently, it was observed that a number of students got bedspaces and were not willing to occupy them after payment for those bedspaces that have been made. Revocation is the way out not transfer.

2. Revocation Process: Individuals who got bedspaces but wish to relinquish them should follow a structured procedure. They are required to write a formal letter addressed to the Bursary Unit through the Dean SAU, and through the Sub-Dean SAU expressing their intentions to revoke the allocated bedspaces.

3. Refund Process: The letter requesting bedspace revocation should include specific account details, such as the Bank Name, Account Number and Account Name into which the refund will be made. This information is essential for processing refunds promptly. Notably, the deadline for submitting this letter is set at the end of January.