Excellent Unilorites,

We acknowledge the current challenges we are collectively facing and want to assure you that we have been proactive in fulfilling our responsibilities.

We want to emphasize our ongoing commitment to proactively fulfilling our responsibilities and addressing the needs of our students. Throughout our tenure, we have consistently prioritized the welfare of all Unilorites. The current water scarcity issue on campus is a result of a malfunctioning pumping machine at the dam, and efforts are underway to resolve it promptly.

Understanding the inconvenience this situation poses, especially during the critical continuous assessment test period, we assure you that we are continuously attentive to your needs, we are deeply touched by the hardships you are enduring, a collective and heartfelt effort has been tirelessly undertaken by the university management, alongside the dedicated collaboration of the Students' Union officials and hall representatives, in addressing the plight of the faulty water pump.

Please be assured of our unwavering dedication to your welfare as valued students, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.