Excellent Unilorites,

Earlier today, the leadership of the University of Ilorin Students' Union, which encompasses the Central Executive Council Members, Principal Officers of the Senate Council, and the League of Faculty Presidents, convened a crucial meeting with the university management. Present at the meeting were key figures such as the University Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, Registrar, the Dean, and Sub-Deans of the Student Affairs Unit.

The agenda encompassed various pressing issues concerning the welfare and academic progress of all Unilorites. Central to the discussions was the urgent need to address the welfare concerns of students, with a particular emphasis on ensuring uninterrupted access to essential utilities such as electricity and water supply. Moreover, proactive measures were deliberated upon to mitigate any existing challenges in these areas and to guarantee a conducive living and learning environment for all students.

In addition to welfare matters, academic affairs were also thoroughly examined during the meeting. The provision of tutorials for students emerged as a focal point of discussion, with the aim of enhancing academic support and facilitating better learning outcomes.

Excellent Unilorites, be rest assured of our commitment to prioritizing the holistic well-being and academic success of you all.