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Our History

From inception, the University has enjoyed the leadership of 29 democratically-elected Union Executives and six Students Consultative Council-led Executives due to reasons of proscription and suspension of union activities at different times.

As of today, the University of Ilorin Students' Union stands out as first among equals as it blazes the trail for others to follow. The Union is very keen about entrepreneurship and innovation, the realities of the 21stcentury. For instance, the Union is the first in Nigeria to use online voting system (a variant of e-voting system) to elect its officials.

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Our Responsibility


Academic and Career Talk

Organises career talks, inspirational and motivational lectures among the students.



Supervises the use of facilities and renovations in the hostels on campus during the holiday.



Through its Transport Scheme, shuttle buses are provided for transportation at a subsidised rate.



Handles all matters relating to the general welfare of members of the Union and all the Union guests.


Senate Council


Senate Officers





Recent News

Passionate Unilorites,


It is time for us to take a pause and look back in retrospect on our performance so far in the first 30 days in office.

The Rebranding the value system administration was sworn into office on August 16th, 2019, after emerging victorious at the polls.

Esteemed Unilorites, in a bid to foster an all-inclusive Union we promised you, who gave us the mantle of leadership, we have created a google form to enable our students make honest evaluation of the Student Union under the new leadership as well as offer useful advice that can help us improve on our services. We beseech all passionate Unilorites to fill make use of the evaluation form.

Anonymity is guaranteed!


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Passionate Unilorites,


We want to openly state that the Student Affairs Unit has reiterated its commitment to the wellbeing of all students and, consequently dissociated itself from the knowledge of arbitrary hike hostel prices at the the COHS .

While interacting with the leadership of Student Union on the matter, the Dean of Students, Professor L. T. Ajibade declared that the Unit was not in the knowing of such decision, and therefore, is not part of the recent development at the COHS.

He mentioned that the Student Affairs Unit is a core part of the school management saddled with the responsibility of general care of the students of the better by far University, and the unit could not have supported a decision that can infringe on the responsibility of the Unit.

The Dean assured us that the SAU is looking keenly into the issue and shall communicate with the union and her members as soon as possible on positive note.

We hereby stand on our ground that all hostel payments (both school and private hostels) at the College of health sciences be suspended till further notice.

We also use this medium to appeal to the general public to disregard the information making rounds on social media that the University of Ilorin Student Union is not in good term with the management of the school. This is in respect to news emanating from some unscrupulous news agencies lacking in the true ethics of journalism and only basing their reports on hearsays and unfounded yet unresearched reports.

It is normal to have debate on some issues pertaining to the welfare of the students who gave us their mandate to represent them, but that does not in any way mean that the union is at 'loggerheads' with the school management.

The enviable stable academic atmosphere our school is enjoying is as a result of tackling early disagreements such as this.

We implore these fame-seeking media outlets to go tinker their trade somewhere else, if they cannot desist from for-profits journalism.


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Passionate Unilorites,


We are aware of the recent development concerning prices of hostels, which we considered too exorbitant for our students, and there has not been any acceptable justification for arriving at the prices. It is on this note that we are asking all students of the College of Health Sciences to SUSPEND ALL PAYMENT FOR HOSTEL!

We want to reiterate our commitment to advancing the welfare of our students, and standing our ground in times of unnecessary hostel fee increment is a core part of our plans. We want to assure these students that we are not in any way satisfied with the decision and we have sprung to action and we call for the suspension of all payments until they hear from us again.

Moreover, those who have paid should be rest assured that there money is in safe hands, and any eventual change in the prices would be effected on their payments too.

We implore our students to be peaceful and calm as we are already championing the struggle to attain justice.


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Passionate Unilorites,


We felicitate with all the fresh graduates of the Better By Far University as the long-awaited graduating list was finally released completely.

We want to congratulate everyone who made the list for passionately striving to move to an higher level in their academic lives, for overcoming all the lectures, assignments, tests, and examinations. We pray the almighty God doesn't make this the end of success in your lives.

It is also in our prayers that as you have reached a great milestone in your life, may God make it a stepping stone to greatness.

We also wish to offer calming words to those students who couldn't make the list. Remember, everything in life happens for a reason, and there is purpose for everything. We are certain the reason for this delay is because there is a greater purpose for you.

Delay is not denial, and true strength is the ability to keep trying until you achieve your goal. You are indeed better by far.

In conclusion, we implore those students affected by the illegal spreadsheet activities on their portal to remain calm and understanding as we are not resting on the issue. We are making strong consolidations on our initial appeals, and we promise to bring information as soon as we receive them. We are giving our words for it.

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We wish to invite all betterbyfar students to the Higher Institution Football League (HIFL) Quarter-Final Second leg match between our own Unilorin Warriors and the visiting Uniben Royals which is fixed for tomorrow, September 11, by 4pm at the University of Ilorin Main bowl.

After defeating the dazzlers of FUOYE in the Round of 16 with an aggregate of 5-1, the Unilorin Warriors need to outscore the Uniben Royals with at least three goals to secure a spot in the semifinal of the national football competition. This is a clarion call to all lovers of football to come cheer our ever-victorious warriors to victory.

Date : Wednesday, 11th of September, 2019.
Venue : Unilorin Main Bowl
Time : 4pm

You can follow the Unilorin SU WhatsApp TV to get live updates of the match on WhatsApp. Follow this link https://wa.me/2349013916777.

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Passionate Unilorites,


We wish to inform the better by far students of College of Health Sciences, Oke-Oyi, of the recent development in terms of accommodation on the COHS campus.

The Student Union officers representing COHS had a meeting with the College management about the near-completion private hostel on the New site, and as a result of the accommodation extension, the meeting yielded the following outcomes:

1. The construction of the new private hostel, which has a total of 676 bed spaces, a well-furnished common room, an accessible buttery, a nice restaurant, a CCTV security system at necessary places, will be completed in less than 2 weeks time.

2. All 200L students of COHS must stay on campus (in the new site) because the second year is residential. This new directive is compulsory.

3. 300L and 400L female students of BMS and MBBS who wish to stay on campus must secure accommodation at the new site as there will be no more balloting.

4. Also, there would be provision of security personnel asides the CCTV in some stipulated areas around the new private hostel.

5. A mini market is currently under construction and would be functional before resumption to ease obtainable purchase around new college.

6. Provisions for buses at intervals for comfortable transit on campus is approaching completion and we're working toward having an ATM stand as soon as possible.

7. Provision of a clear cut field for recreational purposes are already being made and necessary finishing would be embark on as soon as possible.

All these resolutions were arrived at after series of deliberation with the management, and after the SU has confirmed that the new developments would benefit our esteemed students and uplift their wellbeing.

We promise to keep you abreast of the details concerning price tag per bed space and payment regulation as soon as we can.

#Rebranding the value system!

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