Passionate Unilorites,


This is to notify the entire students and most especially the newly admitted students of the better by far institution that the medical registration for this academic session will commence on Tuesday 21st of January, 2020 and will last for two calendar months.

The new students are enjoined in their own interests to visit the University Health Centre for the registration procedures on the said date between the hours of 8am to 1pm on Monday to Friday and duly follow the processes as laid down by the Clinic records session. Be informed that no amount is expected to be paid by you for the registration and as such beware of fraudulent payment.

Returning students who are yet to register are also advised to do so while the registration exercise is ongoing. This registration is not only necessary but compulsory as the clinic card will be required by the records session of the Health Centre if you come for treatments and checkup and as such no students shall be attended to without duly registered clinic card except on emergency cases.

Esteemed Unilorites, we wish everyone a healthy bodily status and we hope you make very good use of this opportunity as we continue our sojourn to rebrand the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform the general public of a slight adjustment in the schedule our weekly Student Union Stewardship Radio Program on Unilorin 89.3FM. Due to a new policy of our host radio station, the program which holds by 1pm every Saturday has been moved to Thursdays, between 7-8 pm.

Kindly take note of this change and join us tonight for another edition of the program that is aimed at keeping you informed about activities on campus.

Join us as we discuss:
👉 SU Self-Skill Acquisition program info
👉 Freshers Orientation
👉 The clinic incident
👉 Examination schedule
👉 Project SUE (Sustainable Uniclean Environment)

Tune in to 89.3FM by 7pm to enjoy the show.bYou can also contribute on the show via the Studio line that would be released during the program.

Warmest regards!
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Passionate Unilorites,


It is with a heavy heart that we extend our hands of condolence to the family, relatives, and friends of AbdulWahab, who was a 400l student of science education and a final year student of the University of Ilorin before he gave up the ghost in the early hours of Monday.

We pray that the Almighty God, who created us on this earth and will eventually take us out of it, grant the deceased eternal Paradise and May He also grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss. This is indeed a great loss to the Student Union, the University community, and the nation at large because one of the future stars just departed.

Esteemed Unilorites, we are aware of the circumstances surrounding the death and our investigations revealed that the deceased died before arriving at the school clinic. Also, from the account given by the student who was challenged on dress code matter, the questions on his mode of dressing did not in anyway disturb the medical attention offered to the victim. He confirmed that the deceased was being attended to inside in clinic, while he was questioned outside by the Director, who at the point was unaware of any affiliation between the deceased and the accused. In fact, the Student Union President is a friend of the deceased and the challenged person and he was still with them a night before the incident.

We have requested that a Unilorin emergency response center be provided off campus where emergency cases can be addressed to increase the chances of patients survival. We also appealed to the Director of Health services to improve the quality of service and attention given to emergency cases as disturbing concerns have been reported repeatedly to the Union.

Dearest colleagues, we pray for the deceased and the union remains committed to serving her members in the best way possible.

RIP Abdulwahab, we go see again!
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Passionate Unilorites,


We have been notified of the present scarcity of water on campus, which has lead to many inconveniences for students who reside in the hostels on campus and whose primary source of water is from the school reservoir.

We have consulted the Works Department on the issue and we were told there is a minor issue with a water pipe that supplies the school. However, we have been assured that the issue will be rectified today and water shall no longer cease to flow on campus.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. The welfare of all Unilorites is our priority and we shall not relent until we rebrand that part of the value system!
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to bring to the notice of the fresh students of the Better by far University that the orientation for fresh students of the institution which is planned to expose and enlighten the fresh students about the code of conduct guiding the University Community. It's however imperatively expected of the fresh students to take this information as not only seen and heard but also they attend the program.

The Orientation Programme has been rescheduled to hold on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th January, 2020 at the University Auditorium between 9am and 2pm each day.

Faculties Schedule for each day is as follows:

Day 1 -Monday 13th January, 2020: Faculties of Education, Engineering and Technology, Communication and Information Science, Social Science, Environmental Science and Law.

Day 2-Tuesday 14th January, 2020: Faculties of Agriculture, Clinical Science, Basic Medical Science, Pharmacy, Physical Science, Life Science Management Science, Art and Veterinary Medicine.

We wish the fresh students outstanding success as they journey towards academic excellence, because they are an important part of our rebranding the value system agenda.
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform all students of the University of Ilorin that the school portal is presently unavailable and no students should attempt to login to their portals for the mean time.

The school management is already working on rectifying the issue with the portal server and it should be back online shortly. However, to avoid any loss or compromise of important and confidential information, students are warned not to login to their portals until we have confirmation that it is safe to do so.

This is an emergency information!
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Passionate Unilorites,


On this first day of another decade, another year, and another month, we thank the sovereign God for keeping us all through the previous years and for sparing our lives to see a new beginning.

Esteemed Unilorites, a new year is a new chance to be new; to discard the good old and adopt the better new; to deviate from the bad old ways and embrace the best new paths; a chance to evaluate our value system and be rebranded!

We want to assure all students of the great University of Ilorin that we are totally committed to our mission to not only invest in the capacity building of all members of our great Union, but to also rebrand the value system. Indeed, our determination remains ever unshakeable, and together, we can!

Also, we implore you to brace up and prepare for all the academic activities ahead of us this year. As we are enjoying the various delicacies, let us remember that school activities resumes fully on January 6th, 2020.

A subtle reminder; Korope campus shuttle fare is now ₦50 from Main Campus to Terminus.

Happy New Year; wishing you a rebranded year ahead. We move✊!
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Passionate Unilorites,


What better news to end the year for us as a Union than to announce to all students of the University Of Ilorin that the Korope Campus Shuttle fare has been finally restored to #50 for all bus stops from school to Terminus. This new resolution is the outcome of the meeting that was held today with the leadership of the Korope Union.

We sincerely apologize to our members that this good news didn't come before now and we also apologize for any inconveniences they might have experienced in the last few months due to the increment.

However, we have come to realize that Korope Campus Shuttle is not and cannot be a permanent solution to the transportation of our students, and we are not relenting on our efforts to proffer better long-term alternatives to korope on campus.

Esteemed Unilorites, the welfare and well-being of all students of the University of Ilorin is one of the key agenda of the Rebranding the Value system administration, and we shall do everything possible to rebrand that part of the value system.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.
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Passionate Unilorites,


Once again, the University of Ilorin Debate Club has represented the university and Nigeria creditably, winning so many awards in the university's name, making great additions to the trophies and awards already won in the year 2019.

The school was ably represented by five different teams led by Adekunbi Ademola, Faithfulness Okom, Omotayo Jimoh & Hawau Abikan, Halimat Ojone Usman & Aishat Ojibara, Davida Paul & MuhammedBaqir Oloruntoyin and Tracy-Allen Ezechuckwu & Jessica Awurum.

The Competition was held between 8-16th December, 2019 at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.

Here is a breakdown of awards the BetterbyFar Team bagged at the end of the tournament:

DEBATE (Speaking)
1. Overall Best Speaker in Africa - Ademola Adekunbi.
2. Overall 2nd Best Speaker in Africa - Faithfulness Okom.
3. Best Speaker in West Africa - Ademola Adekunbi
4. Best Speaker in Nigeria - Ademola Adekunbi.

DEBATE (Adjudicating)
1. 7th Best Adjudicator in Africa - Koyum Kolade Afolabi.
2. 3rd Best New Judge in Africa - Koyum Kolade Afolabi.

1. 5th Best Public Speaker in Africa - Halimat Ojone Usman.

1. 3rd Best Public Speaking Judge in Africa - Tracy-Allen Ezechuckwu.

We hereby congratulate the representatives of the University of Ilorin for achieving this great feat and showing to the whole world that we are indeed.

We hereby use this medium to urge our better by far students to continue to remain studious and be ever gallant to every academic challenges that come their ways.

We hope to see every Unilorites join the struggle to continue to maintain and sustain as well as rebrand the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


Sequel to the fact that some students came late for their CA tests today and the Student Union had to plead on their behalf, we wish to inform all the BetterByFar students of the importance of punctuality to the examination center.

We want students to correct the notion that examination cannot start at the exact time scheduled for it, because the old scheduling process has been totally rebranded. The timetable is now planned in such a way that everybody having exams at a particular time can all be accommodated at once.

The usual queueing at the CBT entrance is now a thing of the past, and we want our members to evolve with this progressive developments too. We hereby beseech students to pay keen attention to the time arrangement of their courses in order not to fall victim of lateness to the CBT.

Also, in order to ease the stress our members face at the entrance to the CBT Center, the immediate past administration of the Student Union built a shade at the CBT Center to shield students from the weather conditions and also offer them comfort before sitting for examinations.

We shall commit ourselves to the maintenance of the facility and ensure that we faction in more rebranding touches on this part of the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


We are seizing this opportunity to wish all our esteemed members of the BetterByFar community outstanding success in the CBT Continuous Assessment Test starting tomorrow. We know you must have put in a lot of efforts to study and prepare for the test, and we can only pray that the sovereign God crowns all our efforts with excellence.

Also, we want to beseech all our passionate members to always obey all the rules and regulations of the CBT and the University guiding examinations, and to also shun any act of examination malpractices.

In conclusion, we implore all students to be security conscious and ensure they don't keep their belongings in open places. All electronic gadgets should be left at home, or better still kept under the watch of someone. We pray that none of our students is forced to part ways with their properties.. Once again, we wish you outstanding success in all your endeavors.
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Passionate Unilorites,


Some unidentified people came to our campus with a convoy and police envoys to make awareness for a program that has not been approved by the school authority. For a community that is security conscious and takes the safety of students as priority, this kind of unapproved movements is highly prohibited on our campus.

Not only did they failed to follow the due protocol, they were also driving recklessly, without caution. This raised a security concern and these unidentified people were blocked from exiting through the school gate, which subsequently affected the movement of other vehicles to and fro.

As a union that holds the welfare of students in high importance, we proceeded to the gate for two purposes:

i. To see to the movement of commercial vehicles to and fro campus to reduce the congestion at the park and not keep our members stranded on campus. And,

ii. To ensure that the security issue is properly addressed, simply because we cannot allow unidentified persons to roam our campus without checks. The safety of all students is paramount to us.

Thankfully, we were able to achieve our aims as the gate has been opened for passage of vehicles and the unidentified people has been handed over to the security unit.

The situation of the park is now under control and we apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused all our members. The welfare of our students remains our priority and we'll go any length to rebrand that part of the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to remind all members of the Union that the registration of associations is ongoing.
Individuals intending to register their associations should follow the link below and fill the short form before proceeding for the General Secretary's attestation.

Kindly note that this does not replace the form to be purchased and picked at the Student Affairs Unit.

We urge all concerned individuals to register before the deadline(insert date). We also use this medium to appeal to all members of our Union to remain steadfast and continue to stay away from unlawful assembly.
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Passionate Unilorites


Based on our interalia promise to see to the reopening of the school portal in order to avail students who are yet to make necessary payments and register courses to do so, we're glad that the school management has yielded to our demands and reopened the portal to allow more students to register of this session.

Subsequently, we hereby inform our distinguished unilorites of the postponement of the CBT CA (for 300L-500L students) earlier scheduled to commence from the 9th of December that it has now been slated to commence on the 16th of December, 2019.

This is due to the fact that some members of the union are still using this opportunity of school portal reopening to do necessary registrations and because of the non-availability of the Add 'n' Drop Form. We hereby also use this medium to inform our ever passionate students that the portal for the ADD 'N' DROP form will be opened on Wednesday, 11th of December, 2019 till 15the of December, 2019. We hope our students make judicious use of this opportunity to make necessary amendments.

Esteemed Unilorites, never forget that your welfare is our utmost concern and as such keep us informed of any latest development that comes to your notice as we promise to continue our sojourn to rebrand the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform all students of the University of Ilorin who are yet to do their course registration for the 2019/2020 academic session that the portal for registration and school fees payment has been reopened this evening.

We appreciate the school management for granting our request for registration deadline extension with an additional 8-days for extra late registration! Concerned students are to note that they are to pay an extra #2500 only as extra late registration fee.

We beg all the concerned students to make good use of this opportunity and ensure they complete all their registrations within the stipulated timeframe, as this may be the last chance!

Also, the add and drop form will be out immediately the 8-days late registration has lapsed. Students who are in need of the platform should be ready to access the form as from December 12, 2019.

The welfare of our members is paramount to us, and we'll never rest until we rebrand that part of the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


The leadership of the union is working assiduously to see to the reopening of the school portal in order to avail students who are yet to register courses for this session the opportunity to do so. We have been in talks with the school management over the issue and we are sure that our request will be granted very soon.

Also, we want to assure students that the add and drop form will be out very soon, which will enable students to make alterations/corrections to their course registrations . Information on the Add & drop form shall be communicated as soon as it is available.

Moreover, the CA Test CBT Timetable for 300l students and above came out recently and the Student Union is already putting in effort to see that the test comes up at a more suitable time for our students. However, we want to implore students to brace up and prepare well for the tests. We wish you outstanding success in all your endeavors!

Esteemed Unilorites, please note that we have all these issues bothering your welfare on our mind and we are working round the clock to proffer suitable solutions to them. Warmest regards from the rebranding the value system administration.
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Passionate Unilorites,


We are aware that there has been a power outage on campus since the early hours of today and we have made series of consultations to know the cause of the problem. Our consultations revealed that a very critical underground power conductor was burnt and would be needing a replacement!

We want to assure students that the repair will be done tomorrow and power shall be restored back on campus as soon as possible. We beseech all students residing on campus to bear with the present situation!

Also, we want to seize this opportunity to wish all our members a Happy new weeks and new month. May we enjoy the grace to see the end of it and beyond in joy and happiness.

Remember that tomorrow is another Monday, our road will be busy as usual. We implore all students who have early lectures to leave their houses on time in order to beat the traffic, the Transport Committee will be on the road, as usual, to control and ease the traffic! We are certain that very soon, we shall have something to show for our efforts to make the present transportation issue a thing of the past!

We remain ever committed to rebranding the value system!
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Passionate Unilorites,


The Student Union is aware that some of our prestigious members were unable to complete their registrations and pay their school fees before the closure of the portal, in fact, we received several pleas and requests in the past days than ever before.

Dearest colleagues, Inasmuch as we were given the baton of leadership to see to the welfare and wellbeing of the students of the University of Ilorin in entirety, we'll never for once shut our hears to the request and yearnings of any of our members, particularly on registrations and school fees.

We want to assure all and sundry that we have been pleading with the ever-listening school management for another payment deadline extension to allow the remaining students the opportunity to register and continue with their academics. We have never for once lost doubt in the school management and we are sure that our requests shall be considered.

We beseech the concerned students to prepare for a possible reopening of the postal and ensure that they don't miss this coming opportunity, as it may be the last!

Esteemed unilorites, the Rebranding the Value system administration is highly committed to the welfare of every member of our Union, and we'll remain unflinching till we rebrand the value system!
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