This is to notify the entire student populace of University of Ilorin that submissions for the Student Union Writing Contest is open.

The Student Union Writing Contest is a modification of the UNILORIN Writing Championship which started last session.

Writings to explore Grief are being called for. We understand that grief is human nature and it comes to each individual in various forms. We would like to look at grief through immigration, homophobia, xenophobia, bereavement, natural disasters, insurgency, epidemics, etc.

This session, the genres would be expanded to include playlets, and journalistic pieces. This would be in addition to others — fiction, nonfiction, essay and poetry.

For clarity, the following would be accepted: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, playlet, essay/journalistic pieces.

Writers are allowed to exercise their imaginative freedom in the production of their works. They are not restricted to particular guidelines and thus, anyone writing for the contest is allowed to produce their writing in the way they want.

Kindly note that the best of the works received will be published in Zango, an annual anthology of the Student Union.

Submission Guidelines:

— General Guideline.

* All submissions must be the original work of the author.
* Entries should be previously unpublished and if any entry has been published, it should be mentioned in the submission statement. Already published work will not be considered for the writing prize but could be considered, at the discretion of the editors, for the anthology.
* All entries must be typed and submitted in MS Word format.
* Works that promote or incite racism, hate, intolerance, sexism, violence, etc. shall be automatically disqualified.
* Each entry must be titled.
* Subject line of the mail must indicate the genre you are submitting for and your name e.g POETRY, SALAUDEEN HAWAH
* All submissions must be made before 31st March.
* All entries must be forwarded to [email protected]
* An entrant is eligible to submit to only one genre.

— Poetry

* Each poem must not exceed 40 lines.
* Every form of poetry will be considered.
* An entrant can submit up to three poems.

— Fiction and Nonfiction.

* Submission word count must not exceed 2000 words.
* Only one submission is allowed.

— Playlet.

* It should be a one-act playlet.
* Submission should not be more than five scenes.
* Word count must not exceed 2000 words.
* Stage direction should be italized.

— Essay and Journalistic Piece.

* Submission should not be more than 2000 words.
* Submission should strongly revolve round the theme.
* Fluidity of expressions and clarity should be strongly acknowledged in writing.

Submissions close 31st March, 2020.
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Passionate Unilorites


As the 100l and 200l students of the prestigious University of Ilorin begin their first semester examination today, we wish them success and excellence at the end of the whole exercise. May the good great God grant them all that's needed to ace the examination and come out in flying colors.

Esteemed Unilorites, we implore all students writing examinations to be at the exam venue at least 30 minutes before the commencement of their examination according to the University examination regulations. Also, students writing CBT exams should ensure that they confirm the time for their courses and by all means ensure they get to the CBT Center on time in order not to miss their scheduled time, as the new CBT exam arrangement is fast, seamless, and efficient.

Above all, shun all acts of examination malpractice. Read well, eat well, and rest well.

Warmest regards from the rebranding the value system administration.
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Passionate Unilorites,

(Kindly fill the evaluation form via the link below)

The rebranding the value system administration was inaugurated into office on August 16th 2019, which makes it 6 months in office today. Little by little, the one year deal we signed with the students of the university of Ilorin is half spent, and we have so many things to show for it.

Ever since the inception of office, this administration has never for once joked with the welfare and well-being of our members and has been doing everything within its power to advance the welfare of students on campus.

We inherited the transportation headache, just like other past administrations, but we had seen the end of the Korope dynasty a long time ago and we have gone far and wide to toast big investors to come ease the affairs of our students. The 'red buses' is testament to our efforts and we assure you that by the time other investors yield to our call, our park will wear a new look!

Our role in ensuring a stable water and electricity supply on campus cannot be overemphasized, as we keep a cordial relationship with the Works Department of the University to ensure that we are fully aware of everything surrounding the well-being of students on campus.

We have also not failed to deliver in the social aspect of our promises. Unilorin Idol, Twilight, and the recent Valentine Show tagged HeartClicks, are few of the social events that we have been directly or indirectly organized on campus this semester alone. We have also registered every Friday night as a Cinema Time in the hearts of our esteemed viewers because our SU Ultra Cinema is always on par!

The free viewing center in the SUB Common room was also facilitated to cheer the football lovers on campus. We don't plan to stop giving you the best, in fact, we just procured a new projector and sound system to improve on our service delivery; so watch our for more amazing shows at our newly renovated Student Union Building!

This administration has also not left any stone unturned in the sport life on campus. The beautiful Unilorin League is still ongoing, with superb developments and additional online presence. We have also witnessed the winning of the Third Place of the Higher Institution Football League and the also crowned Champion in the JAMB Institution Cup last year.

The Passion-led administration has also organized beautiful programs like the SU Academic Workshop, Walk-Fit, Trade Fair, Ability in Disability etc that has brought glory to the school and also benefited our members in one way or the other. On that same pedestrian, this administration has also facilitated, with the support of the Student Affairs Unit, the renovation of the Student Union Building after 13 years!

We were able to achieve all the aforementioned and many more within 6-months because of your love and support which the administration has been enjoying right from Day 1 in office.

However, we are just half way into the administration and there's still more to be achieved; more to be rebranding to be done in our value system. This is why we have created an evaluation to help us communicate with our members and hear your comments about the past 6 months. We need also need your advice and words of admonishment, so we added a feedback mechanism to listen to you. So kindly fill the google form with utmost honesty and sincerity.

We remain committed to our mission of not only investing in our members substantially, but also uniting with you; because only in togetherness can we rebrand the value system!

Please fill the evaluation form:
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform all 2019/2020 Final Year students that a telegram page has being created solely for enlightenment and orientation on Rules and Guidelines for the Batch A and B NYSC Mobilization.

All final year students are implored to join the Telegram group. Only the concerned students/candidates are expected to join the platform.

Join the group here:

Warmest regards from the rebranding the value system administration.
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform all students that due to the JAMB Mock Examination scheduled to hold on 18th of February 2020, all University CBT examinations initially slated for the 18th of February have been rescheduled to hold on Thursday 20th of February 20th.

Below are the affected courses:
EDU 111, ACC201, SSE 111, HIS 123, EDT 315, PLB 101, PHY 125, and ACC 205.

All affected students are to take note of this new development.

We wish all our distinguished members success in the ongoing tests and exams. May God grant us ultimate success. Warmest regards from the rebranding system administration!
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Passionate Unilorites,


Sequel to the previous release that the C. A. Test for fresh students was postponed, we hereby bring to your notice that the latest information reaching the Union is that the CA tests continues as scheduled tomorrow! This new development is a result of our consultations to the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics) this evening and we are dishing out the information as timely as possible so as to properly guide the passionate members of the Union.

We hope that this new information receives the widest publicity as soon as possible so that the concerned students can be well-informed on time! We wish all Unilorites success in their academic endeavors.

Warmest regards!
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform all fresh students that the C.A test initially scheduled to start today, February 3rd, has been postponed till after their Matriculation. The date for the Matriculation will be announced very soon and students are advised to be steadfast in their preparations for the CA Tests and examinations.

Also, the Add & drop form for First Semester for fresh students is now available on the portal at a price of one thousand naira only. We urge the concerned students to make judicious use of the opportunity to make amends in their course registration. Ensure you contact your Level Adviser before adding or dropping any course.

We also use this opportunity to invite all the freshmen to the Student Union program tagged "Ability in Disability" scheduled to hold by 9am, Wednesday February 4th, 2019, at the University Main Auditorium. The program is aimed at celebrating the physically challenged students on campus.

We wish all students of the better by far institution success in all their endeavors. Warmest regards from the rebranding the value system administration!
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Passionate Unilorites,


We are pleased to inform the general public that the Passion-led 2019/2020 administration of the Student Union has commenced the "rebranding" of the Student Union Building today, February 1st, 2020.

Ever since the inception of this administration, we have observed that the SUB also known as "Kaduna Nzeogwu Building" is in need of urgent renovation and we have committed efforts into effect a total facelift of the building.

The SUB should be a home-away-from-home for all Unilorin students and at such should be equipped with social amenities such as restrooms, clean water, and open Internet access (Free WiFi), to make the building comfortable for our members. The ongoing renovation will take care of the aforementioned, upgrading the standards of the prestigious University of Ilorin Student Union Building.

Also, a viewing and gaming center that shows all major football matches in the world and other sports for free was facilitated by the present leadership of the Union, in addition to the existing famous Beans and Bread, Sharwama Outlet, and other shops, all in an effort to provide quality relaxation time for all students of the better by far institution.

It is worthy to mention that the last time a major renovation was done in the building was in 2007, and the rebranding the value system administration is truly rebranding our base after 13 years. It is our hope that when our members come for events at the SUB, like the popular Friday Movie Nights, they are welcomed to a sweet and lovely Student Union Building.

We urge all students to always watch-out and support the Student Union as we continue on our mission to rebrand the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


The student union is aware of the need her members have as regards the add and drop form. The union took it upon herself to speak to the administration on behalf of her members. We are pleased to inform you that the add and drop form can be accessed by following the following procedures.

1. For students whose add and drop issue was caused as a result of an administrative mistake from their Level Advisers should write a letter of request for add & drop to the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics, through their LA, HOD of the department, and the Dean of the faculty as soon as possible.
The letter should contain the reason for the request, the course codes and the course tittles to be added or dropped.

2. Students whose need for add & drop is as a result of their own mistakes should apply for a manual late Add & drop application. They should proceed as soon as possible to the Unilorin Microfinance Bank to pay the sum of six thousand naira into the school account through Remita and take the deposit teller to the Bursary department at the senate building for verification and stamping. This will then be attached to a letter of request for add & drop to the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics, through the LA, HOD, and the Dean of the faculty.

We implore all affected students (especially Final year students) to utilise this opportunity. Warmest regards!
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform all indigent students that a scholarship opportunity from LASAL Foundation is available for interested students.

Students are advised to print and fill the form attached to this message and ensure they submit to the Student Affairs Unit latest 12noon on February 4th, 2020.

The criteria for filling the form is as follow:
1) The student must be truly indigent.

2) For a 4-year programme, the student must be in 200level or 100 level with a 2.1 CGPA

3) For a 5 or 6-year progranme, the student must either be in 200 or 300level. The reason is because, the foundation does not grant Scholarship to final year student or penultimate.

Download form here:

We urge all indigent students who are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. Warmest regards from the rebranding the value system administration.
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Passionate Unilorites,


All Fresh students having any issues with registration and clearance are advised to make their way to the auditorium now, as there is a special program by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics, to help them with clearance and registrations.

Venue is Auditorium

Please share this info with all fresh students!
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to bring to the official notice of the better by Far students that the examinations schedule for First Semester has been fixed as follows:

100L - 200L Students: Will commence on March 2nd, 2020 and end on March 20th, 2020.

300L - 600L Students: Will commence on February 3rd, 2020 and end on February 21st, 2020.

We hereby implore students to prepare well ahead of the examinations because proper preparation is the first step in achieving success.

Students are strongly advised not to be involved in any form of examination malpractices, as anyone caught would be made to face disciplinary action.

Students are required to present a duly signed original course form, their University ID Cards, and Evidence of payment of school charges to the invigilators.

Students who have misplaced/lost their ID cards are advised to request for a replacement urgently.

We urge all students to do away with all forms of distractions in this period and we wish them outstanding success in the forthcoming examinations. Warmest regards from the rebranding the value system administration.
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to notify the entire students and most especially the newly admitted students of the better by far institution that the medical registration for this academic session will commence on Tuesday 21st of January, 2020 and will last for two calendar months.

The new students are enjoined in their own interests to visit the University Health Centre for the registration procedures on the said date between the hours of 8am to 1pm on Monday to Friday and duly follow the processes as laid down by the Clinic records session. Be informed that no amount is expected to be paid by you for the registration and as such beware of fraudulent payment.

Returning students who are yet to register are also advised to do so while the registration exercise is ongoing. This registration is not only necessary but compulsory as the clinic card will be required by the records session of the Health Centre if you come for treatments and checkup and as such no students shall be attended to without duly registered clinic card except on emergency cases.

Esteemed Unilorites, we wish everyone a healthy bodily status and we hope you make very good use of this opportunity as we continue our sojourn to rebrand the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform the general public of a slight adjustment in the schedule our weekly Student Union Stewardship Radio Program on Unilorin 89.3FM. Due to a new policy of our host radio station, the program which holds by 1pm every Saturday has been moved to Thursdays, between 7-8 pm.

Kindly take note of this change and join us tonight for another edition of the program that is aimed at keeping you informed about activities on campus.

Join us as we discuss:
👉 SU Self-Skill Acquisition program info
👉 Freshers Orientation
👉 The clinic incident
👉 Examination schedule
👉 Project SUE (Sustainable Uniclean Environment)

Tune in to 89.3FM by 7pm to enjoy the show.bYou can also contribute on the show via the Studio line that would be released during the program.

Warmest regards!
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Passionate Unilorites,


It is with a heavy heart that we extend our hands of condolence to the family, relatives, and friends of AbdulWahab, who was a 400l student of science education and a final year student of the University of Ilorin before he gave up the ghost in the early hours of Monday.

We pray that the Almighty God, who created us on this earth and will eventually take us out of it, grant the deceased eternal Paradise and May He also grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss. This is indeed a great loss to the Student Union, the University community, and the nation at large because one of the future stars just departed.

Esteemed Unilorites, we are aware of the circumstances surrounding the death and our investigations revealed that the deceased died before arriving at the school clinic. Also, from the account given by the student who was challenged on dress code matter, the questions on his mode of dressing did not in anyway disturb the medical attention offered to the victim. He confirmed that the deceased was being attended to inside in clinic, while he was questioned outside by the Director, who at the point was unaware of any affiliation between the deceased and the accused. In fact, the Student Union President is a friend of the deceased and the challenged person and he was still with them a night before the incident.

We have requested that a Unilorin emergency response center be provided off campus where emergency cases can be addressed to increase the chances of patients survival. We also appealed to the Director of Health services to improve the quality of service and attention given to emergency cases as disturbing concerns have been reported repeatedly to the Union.

Dearest colleagues, we pray for the deceased and the union remains committed to serving her members in the best way possible.

RIP Abdulwahab, we go see again!
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Passionate Unilorites,


We have been notified of the present scarcity of water on campus, which has lead to many inconveniences for students who reside in the hostels on campus and whose primary source of water is from the school reservoir.

We have consulted the Works Department on the issue and we were told there is a minor issue with a water pipe that supplies the school. However, we have been assured that the issue will be rectified today and water shall no longer cease to flow on campus.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. The welfare of all Unilorites is our priority and we shall not relent until we rebrand that part of the value system!
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to bring to the notice of the fresh students of the Better by far University that the orientation for fresh students of the institution which is planned to expose and enlighten the fresh students about the code of conduct guiding the University Community. It's however imperatively expected of the fresh students to take this information as not only seen and heard but also they attend the program.

The Orientation Programme has been rescheduled to hold on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th January, 2020 at the University Auditorium between 9am and 2pm each day.

Faculties Schedule for each day is as follows:

Day 1 -Monday 13th January, 2020: Faculties of Education, Engineering and Technology, Communication and Information Science, Social Science, Environmental Science and Law.

Day 2-Tuesday 14th January, 2020: Faculties of Agriculture, Clinical Science, Basic Medical Science, Pharmacy, Physical Science, Life Science Management Science, Art and Veterinary Medicine.

We wish the fresh students outstanding success as they journey towards academic excellence, because they are an important part of our rebranding the value system agenda.
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform all students of the University of Ilorin that the school portal is presently unavailable and no students should attempt to login to their portals for the mean time.

The school management is already working on rectifying the issue with the portal server and it should be back online shortly. However, to avoid any loss or compromise of important and confidential information, students are warned not to login to their portals until we have confirmation that it is safe to do so.

This is an emergency information!
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