Unilorites, we salute! We salute your perseverance in the last 24hours of water scarcity on the university campus.

This was unfortunately caused by a fault in the machine that pumps water to the campus from the dam.

Since the shortage started, we have been communicating with the University management for quick solution. Much could not be done today due to the restriction in movement that prevented officials from the works department to come to the campus.

We have engaged the director of works and he informed us that this morning, all hands will be on deck in resolving the problems.

While efforts are being targeted at repairing the machine, alternatives are also being sought to restore water supply to campus, especially halls of residence.

We assure you that we're working assiduously and laboriously to combat this issue as we understand the challenges that scarcity of water poses to us as students, especially in this period of examinations.

If alternatives do not work, we assure you that the Student Affairs Unit will ensure that hostel managers step in to offer internal solutions for various hostels.

We thank you for the patience so far and we encourage you all to remain calm as we work to solve the problem in the best possible time.
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After further consultations with the school management to ensure students' safety and welfare of our students that will be traveling to exercise their franchise,we are glad to inform you that the consultations yielded positive and therefore we say there are no examinations both on Friday 22 and Monday 25.

By the foregoing, Friday and Monday remain public holidays for the entire students of Unilorin.

Students who would be travelling to cast their votes are rest assured to do so now and return on Monday as academic activities will commence on Tuesday.

Consequently, the new dates for the exams earlier slated for Friday and Monday will be communicated.

We hereby appeal to our esteemed members to stay calm, avoid violence and violation of electoral rules and most importantly, to remain the good ambassadors of peace, unity and harmony that Unilorites have always been known for.

Finally, as we return, let us prepare well for the remaining exams and shun all forms of malpractices.

We assure you of our steadfastness in our determination to Invest in the People.
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Following the Presidential and NASS Elections slated for Saturday 23rd of February, 2019, the Management of the University has declared Friday free of academic activities in order to allow students participate in the elections.

Students who would be traveling to cast their votes are charged to do so tomorrow Friday, while those who would be staying put are advised to stay calm in their hostels before, during and after the polls.

Those who have started their exams are expected to have returned to school latest Sunday, as academic activities will commenced on Monday.

Consequently, the new dates for the exams earlier slated for Friday will be communicated.

We hereby appeal to our esteemed members to stay calm, avoid violence and violation of electoral rules and most importantly, to remain the good ambassadors of peace, unity and harmony that Unilorites have always been known for.
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Sequel to the postponement of the Presidential/National Assembly Elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission which has generated controversy amongst Unilorites as to the fate of exams which were moved from Monday, 18th February, 2019.

The Union hereby writes to assure you that no exams will hold on the said date.

We also implore all members of the Union who are not on Campus to be available on/before Monday, 18th of February 2019 to continue their exams slated for Tuesday, 19th February, 2019.

Also, exams slated for Friday and Saturday will be reconsidered and decisions will be communicated in due course.

Finally, we enjoin Unilorites to prepare judiciously and shun all forms of malpractice.

We wish you luck in your exams.
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Notification on the 2019 6th ARSO continental essay competition on standardization

Continental prizes

First position = $1, 000
Second Position = $ 800
Third Position = $ 500


The role of standardisation in Wining the fight against corruption as sustainable path to Africa's Transformation

National Prizes

1st = #100, 000
2nd= #70, 000
3rd= #50, 000

Closing Date
12:00 Midnight on Thursday 28th February, 2019

For more information:

[email protected]

For submission, you can call
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Due to the electioneering activities slated for Saturday 16th of February, 2019, the School Management has declared Friday and Monday free of academic activities in order to allow students exercise their franchise as good citizens of the country.

Those who would be traveling to cast their votes have tomorrow Friday to embark on journeys to their different destinations, while those who would be staying put are advised to stay calm in their hostels before, during and after the polls.

Students who have started their exams are expected to have returned to school latest Monday, as academic activities will commenced on Tuesday. Consequently, the new dates for the exams earlier slated for Monday will be communicated.

We hereby appeal to our esteemed members to stay calm, avoid violence and violation of electoral rules and most importantly, to remain the good ambassadors of peace, unity and harmony that Unilorites have always been known for.
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It is no longer news that harmattan semester examinations for 300-500level students of the University begins on Monday 11th February as contained in the final examinations timetable.

Since the release of the timetable, we have received several complaints from various students who raised concerns over the structure of the timetable in relation with the general elections schedule. For some, their concern is about safety of students especially those who reside outside the campus and for some others, the concern is about the opportunity to travel outside the state to exercise their rights to perform one of the most important civic duties i.e. voting.

We consider the two issues as of utmost importance. Our administration places much priority on safety of lives and properties of our colleagues both within and outside the campus and we have never been shaken in taking necessary measures to ensure this.

In the past days, officials of the Union alongside the league of Faculty presidents have been in talks with relevant student management authority in the University to consider possible changes in the timetable that can allow students who wish to travel in order to either vote and/or be with their families for safety purposes. Up till now, there has been no change by the University on the timetable.

The University’s interest stems from the need to ensure the stability of our calendar to allow our final year students meet the deadlines for their next activities (NYSC and Nigerian Law School).

We can recall that in January, the Student Union was successful in moving the Continuous Assessment (C.A) Test for returning students from 7th January to 14th January and that ultimately affected the calendar. Another move to extend the calendar may go a long way in altering the calendar and prevent us from meeting the deadlines.

It may therefore be out of place for the University to out rightly declare an holiday for students in this electoral period; we however pleaded for flexibility in the timetable to give students the grace to participate in the elections without fear of it affecting their examinations.

The news going around social media platforms that the Federal Government has declared break for University students for the election is unsubstantiated and incorrect as upon our checks, the University has not received any official memo/circular to that effect.

We have also received with great shock, the rumour going around that the University management is of the opinion that most students are underage and won’t be able to vote. This is very untrue, and is another step of detractors in soiling the integrity of the University.

The University has shown great interest in promoting good citizenship and allowing students to vote. It is the reason why we have several polling units on campus, where thousands of students have registered as their voting centres.

Albeit we hope for free and fair elections, we are taking precautionary steps and next week, we shall write officially to necessary authorities in the stat to demand for special protection for all our colleagues residing outside campus, in case violence erupts before, during and after the elections.

We intend to follow up the course of our discussion with the University and we shall communicate with students, in case we get a slight change.

We implore you all to continue preparing for the examinations and we wish everyone best of luck.
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This is to inform all registered participants of the Empowerment scheme that the time scheduled for the proposal submission is between 10am-3pm on Friday 8th February, 2019.

To proceed to the next stage of the scheme, all registered participants are expected to submit 10copies of a comprehensive and well bonded proposal of their chosen skill during the stipulated time on Friday at the Students Union Building.

Failure to submit within the stipulated time means automatic disqualification from the scheme.
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The Student Union wishes to dissociate self from the questionable report going viral on social media platforms that the school management has rescheduled exams for 6th of February, 2019 due to election activities.

We wish to state categorically that the said message lacked credibility and authenticity, as exams for 300L, 400L and 500L students would be starting by Monday 11th of February, 2019.

We also use this avenue to inform the general students populace to make use of the link on our press releases in confirming the authenticity of any messages from the Union.

We however implore students to disregard any contrary information about the change of date and prepare selves well for the exams.
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The Student Union has once again succeeded in its efforts to negotiate for the reopening of the Add and Drop form for the next 48hours.

It is worthy to note that the Investing In People administration had been in closed doors with concerned authorities over the possible availability of the Add and Drop form for students who are in dire need of it.

The form would be made available on students' respective portals for approximately two days (between 12AM Thursday to 11:59PM Saturday) before the final closure.

We urge concerned students to embrace this opportunity with good spirits and strive as much as they can to do the needful within the stipulated time.

Be rest assured that our sincere pledges, commitments and determination to #InvestInPeople remain absolutely unshakeable.
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Collection of student information and regulations handbook

Important information to all fresher's, 18/19 academic session

This is to inform all newly admitted students for 2018 /2019 academic session to proceed to their various faculties starting from February 1st, 2019, to collect a copy of the Student information and regulations handbook.

Please note that ignorance of the rules and regulations of the University shall not be a defence to any erring student.

All newly admitted students are therefore advised to get a copy, come along with it to the general University orientation program and familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations as contained in the information and regulations handbook.
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Dear Students,

This is to specially invite you all to the INEC -CAMPUS OUTREACH TO UNILORIN slated for tomorrow, Wednesday 30th, 2019 at the School Auditorium at 2pm prompt.

The programme is part of civic mandate of INEC for voters education and obligations as the 2019 General Elections draws near.

Please be punctual, All Students are expected to be seated by 1:30pm.
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This is to inform our esteemed colleagues that an Opportunity for Work & Study Programme is being created for willing students. It is designed for Students who have interest to work while Studying in school. Interested applicants should register via

The registration is only open for 48 hours starting from today 29th January 2019.

Take notice that an interview session is scheduled for Thursday 31st January by 4pm for the applicants, and students who are considered to be in true need of work study programme will be shortlisted.
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The Student Union is pleased to keep its distinguished members abreast of the new development concerning the payment of school fees and other related registrations, as the school management has set a new deadline for seven days.

Following series of complaints from students who have one difficulty or the other in meeting up with initial deadlines, we decided to invest our blood and sweat in finding a lasting panacea to the problems, as we have earlier promised to always be responsible and responsive to the clarion calls of our constituents.

For some days and nights, we had series of meetings with concerned authorities, begging for extension of deadline after citing instances of different circumstances which have deprived some students the ability to fulfill their financial obligations in time.

However, we implore concerned students to embrace this golden opportunity with utmost respect by ensuring that they do everything possible to make the payment within the stipulated days and avoid deliberately taking further risk, as we are told that subsequent extension won't be entertained, regardless of circumstance(s) attached.

This is a doubtless evidence and sincere assurance that we will never renege on our pledges to prioritise our students' ecstasies in the areas of academic, welfare, social security etc.
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The Student Union wishes to take this time out in joining the entire students of the University, family, friends and admirers across the world in celebrating the life of a distinguished soul, Adebayo Rodiat (ORIANA) who has made her mark on the sporting scene in the University.

As she walks the stage of her golden age, we celebrate ORIANA for her excellent handling of the Sports Department in the Union, outstanding maintenance and management of sporting facilities and proffering solutions to the myriad of problems faced in the course of her remarkable service.

Sincere her emergence as the first female Sports Secretary in the University, she has consistently demonstrated exceptional capacity, unwavering patriotism and abiding faith in the unity, peace and progress of the University both in words and in action.

ORIANA is an embodiment of finesse, a fusion of intellectual fecundity and leadership competence, selfless stewardship, brave defender of sport and a symbol of courage. Her sterling leadership mien is not unexpected, given to her pedigree and antecedents as a former Sports Secretary of her Faculty (Agriculture).

We pray God to continue to grant her greater vision, robust vitality and a wealth of good health, in the service of the University and humanity at large.
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On behalf of the entire students of the University, the Student Union wishes to join huge number of well-wishers across the global arena in celebrating the SU President, Comrade Animashaun Oluseyi Emmanuel (HesJay) on the occasion of his birthday.

We appreciated Comrade Animashaun for his tremendous efforts, vigor and impeccable drive for improved governance.

We noted with satisfaction and absolute delight, the ingenuity of President Animashaun, which has now put University of Ilorin on the path of more academic sustainability, growth and development.

For Unilorites, your brilliance, humility, loyalty and commitment in the face of adversity to serve are worthy of emulation.

It is, therefore, an honour for us to join your family members, friends, associates and admirers to felicitate with you on this joyous occasion of your birthday.

We pray Almighty God to grant our amiable President good health and strength to continue to offer service to the University and humanity at large.

Happy birthday, Our President!
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To whom it may concern,we believe this meets you in a very pleasant condition and state and trust that our continuous assessment tests have been going on without hitches.

From our stables, we'd just like to admonish us to be steadfast in our doings as we prepare for our examinations.Read smartly and put all in God's hands.

Conclusively we'd also like to implore you to reach out to us on any issue pertaining to your academics as we promise to follow them through to the proper channels for solutions.We wish you the best in the forthcoming examinations. Remember, your academic health is our priority.
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Unilorin Idol is an event on dance, music, comedy, joke, acting, singing, and other creativities designed to identify and develop students potentials.

The event-cum-contest in its third season is about to begin auditioning. It usually serves as a hunt for intrinsic talents and skills.

Turn up after classes to ease your stress by seeing creative performances put up by your friends and fellow Unilorites. Don't forget it is the exquisite and sophisticated creativity that'll be put on display. However, it is never too late to purchase a form for the event and get auditioned too. If you have an interest, the forms are waiting for you at the Students Union Building.

AUDITION: 23rd of January, 2019.
VENUE: Student Union Building
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