Passionate Unilorites,



This is to inform all Unilorites and tricyclists (Keke riders) on campus that, as part of this administration's commitment to the welfare of all and sundry on campus, the closing time of the school gate linking Main Campus (PS) to College of Health Sciences campus has been extended by an hour.

We're pleased to make it known to all students and keke operators that the closing time of the gate has been extended from 8pm till 9pm prompt, giving privilege to transportation and economic exercise through the gate till the new closing time.


Also, it has come to our notice that some keke operators are charging #50 from UITH park to Old college instead of the agreed #30, which is a straight deviation from the MOU between the Student Union and keke operators. We have communicated with the leadership of the keke, on which our agreement is to report the defaulters to the necessary quarters for sanctioning.

We want to reiterate that the fare of Keke from UITH park to the Old college is #30 and students should take a picture (ensure the keke number in front is clearly visible) of any keke that's charging above the aforementioned price and report to the Welfare Secretary of COHS via +2348147343016.

Also, any keke which refuses to carry students going to the Main Campus (PS) from COHS without any cogent reasons should also be reported immediately through the same channel!


Also, we are embittered to inform distinguished unilorites that our TV and DSTV Decoder at the SU Relaxation Center at Oke-Oyi was stolen on the 9th of November and subsequently being declared missing. We apologize for the late information as this was due to underground investigation in place.

We implore everyone to cooperate with the security agencies as they're executing their duty of maintaining security of all and sundry on campus.
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Passionate Unilorites,


We are pleased to announce that our plea and request for extension of course registration and school fees payment deadline has been granted, with 7-days extension!

We beseech all students who are yet to do their registrations to make good use of this extension and ensure they do all necessary registrations within these 8 days.

Warmest regards from the rebranding the value system administration!
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform the entire Unilorites that due to the portal server downtime experienced today, the hostel allocation for fresh students initially slated to hold today has been shifted by 24 hours.

The online allocation of hostels for the fresh students is now scheduled to hold on Friday, November 22nd, 2019, by exactly 12pm. We implore the concerned students to login to their portal at the allotted time to book a bedspace!

Please note that bedspace is not sellable or transferrable. Returning students are strictly advised to stay away from using Freshers' portals to book bedspaces.

Esteemed Unilorites, your welfare is paramount to us and we will never rest until we rebrand the value system!
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to remind the entire indefatigable students of the University of Ilorin, particularly the fresh students , that the online allocation of the school-owned hostels for the fresh students is scheduled to hold by 11am this morning !

The concerned students are advised to stay glued to their portals till the allotted time in order to book a bedspace, and they should remember that the online balloting is a race of the fastest fingers!

Warmest regards from the Rebranding the Value System Student Union leadership, We wish you the best of luck!

Please note that bedspaces are not sellable or transferrable!
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Passionate Unilorites,


We are pleased to inform members of our prestigious Union that most indigent students who are unable to complete their registrations on time due to financial constraints that there is a special scheme by the Guidance and Counseling Unit of the University of Ilorin to help these students overcome this financial obstacle on their path to academic excellence.

We implore the most indigent students to seize this golden opportunity from the Guidance and Counselling Unit, and proceed to the Unit for more enquiries on the scheme. Please note that this scheme is only for the MOST INDIGENT STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN!.

The leadership of the Student Union is so passionate about the welfare of all Unilorites and we are ready to go any length to ensure we rebrand this important part of the Value system!
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform the fresh students of the University of Ilorin that the allocation of the school-owned hostels has been scheduled to hold online on Thursday, November 21st, 2019, by 11 am prompt.

The concerned students are implored to login to their portals at the scheduled date and time to book a bedspace in the school hostel for this session.

We remain committed to our mission of facilitating positive and progressive developments on campus and we are ever poised to rebrand the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


In line with the declaration of a public holiday on Monday, November 11th, by the Federal government of Nigeria for the celebration of the 2019 Islamic Moulud-Nabiyy, we are pleased to announce to all our members that tomorrow has been declared a work-free day.

We felicitate with all Muslim students on this occasion and we hope they continue to abide by the teachings, sayings, trainings, and virtues of the exemplary Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In addition, we also seize this opportunity to remind students that are yet to complete their course registrations and school fees payment that they should do so on time to avoid additional late registration charges.

In conclusion, the leadership of the Student Union is not folding hands on the welfare of our students, particularly their transportation affairs, as we are working round the clock to control the present situation while also facilitating possible long-term solutions to the hydra-headed transportation problem we are battling with.

We beseech our students to the peace-loving, calm, and understanding as we continue on this struggle to attain justice. We remain committed to our mission of Rebranding the Value System
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Passionate Unilorites,


We are pleased to announce to all students that after necessary consultations we promised to do yesterday, the listening school management has added 72-hours to the deadline for the course registration and school fees payment.

We are appealing to our esteemed members to utilize this additional 3 days and ensure they complete their registrations before the new deadline to avoid additional late payment charges.

Also, the management is determined to restore the school academic calendar to the normal, and our better by far students should be part of this rebranding process by adhering strictly to the registration timeline.
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Passionate Unilorites,


We are pleased to announce to the general public that the TEC Business Idea Funding registration form deadline has been extended for 48 hours for the students of the College of Health Sciences only. The extension was as a result of the transportation issue which affected movement from the College to the PS.

Interested pink tag students should proceed to the Student Union Relaxation Centre between Wednesday and Thursday (November 6the and 7the) or reach the SU Vice President (COHS) on 08145853292 to pickup the free form that can get them 3 - 10 million naira business funding.

We are totally committed to the capacity building of our students, and we shall go extra length to rebrand this part of our value system!
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Passionate Unilorites,


Firstly, we sincerely apologize to all students for the situation at the park yesterday evening, after which the Korope Transporters refused to convey our members out of school to their various destinations. The actions of the Korope Transporter was simply their reaction to the stand of the Student Union, which was simply to protect our members from unnecessary exploitation.

It is important to remember that the Korope had initially requested for a 100% increment on their fare and the Student Union refused instantly. However, negotiation was initiated, and the outcome was pegged at #50 from PS to Sanrab and #60 for bus stops after Sanrab, which was pended for possible implementation.

Prestigious Unilorites, the protest of the Korope Transporters yesterday morning left us with no option, if we don't want to heap avoidable transportation stress on students and disturb academic activities on campus, than to workout the implementation of the initial #60/#50 agreement; which we did.

But however, the Korope Transporters, after seeing the situation of the park yesterday evening, went haywire and bent on exploiting our students by insisting that all bus stops from PS is #60, which was never discussed on the negotiation table. This inconsiderate decision led to the vehement refusal of the Union to compromise, which was why no Korope was allowed to operate, and we must thank the members of the Union for their show of solidarity yesterday.

In conclusion, the Union was in talks with the leadership of the Korope Transporters yesterday and the #50 From PS-Sanrab/#60 to bus stops after Sanrab fare has been discussed and agreed on. There is going to be a meeting between the Student Union and the Leadership of the Korope this morning to clearly highlight the terms of the agreement and to further state our conditions!

We implore our members to bear with us on this development. Moreover, the School-owned buses will be available to convey students from Terminus to School and vice versa at #30 only. Our members should also note that the Union is not folding hands at the moment, as we are working on possible alternatives to our present means of transportation.

We beseech the better by far students to be peace-loving, calm, and strong, as we embark on this journey to rebrand the value system together.
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Passionate Unilorites,


We are delighted to inform all Unilorites about the opportunity that they can now contest to get funding of up to 3 - 10 million naira to execute their exceptional business proposals.

This new initiative is from the Technical and Entrepreneurial Centre of the University, in conjunction with the Student Union. Interested students should visit The Secretariat at the Student Union Building as from Monday to pick up the application form at a cost that has been paid already.

Please note that the exercise is open to students in 200l to 600l and we implore all students with any business ideas to obtain the form!

One of the core agenda of the Rebranding the Value System Administration is to improve on the capacity building of our members, and we shall never slack in bringing developmental and progressive opportunities like these to the intellectual students of the University of Ilorin.

Note: The deadline for collection and submission of this form is Tuesday, November 5th, 2019!

#Rebranding the Value System.
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform our prestigious members that the hostel allocation formally slated to hold today has been postponed to 12pm on Friday, 1st of November, 2019.

This change in plans was largely due to the complaints we received from our members concerning course registrations and school fees payment, and the postponement was considered in order to give more students the chance to participate in the online balloting.

We implore all interested students to utilize this 48 hours extension to do all the necessary registrations and login to their portal on the new date to book a bedspace for themselves.

Also, students who paid via the 'pay without course registration' option should endeavor to submit their details and evidence of payment to the General Secretary at the Student Union Building on or before Thursday, 31st October, so that their payment can be manually activated.

#Rebranding the value system.
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Passionate Unilorites,


We are delighted to inform students that they can now proceed to their portals for course registration and school fees payment. Also, we have been able to request for additional days for registration and our request was granted with 18 days extension. We implore students to make judicious use of the deadline extension.

Moreover, students that have made school fees payment via the 'Pay without Course Registration' option should submit their Full Name, Matric No, Department and Level to the General Secretary between 29th - 31st of October 2019 at the Student Union Building. Evidence of payment should be attached to the document.

We beseech students to complete their registration on time as we prepare for hostel balloting on Wednesday. We promise to not relent this journey to rebrand the value system.
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We use this medium to congratulate all university of Ilorin graduates as they take a well-deserved bow out of the Better By Far University and we felicitate with them on the occasion of their Convocation.

We want to encourage all graduating students to toe the line of some past graduates who stayed on campus in some private Hostels and the school-owned hostels the night preceding the convocation ceremony.

In view of this, we hope we can beat the traffic challenge on the D-day if graduates get accommodated on campus. You can walk to any private Hostels for accommodation for a night or two. We wish every graduand a hitch-free and glorious convocation ceremony.

Please note that Private hostels can range from #1000 to #1500 per night while school hostel is #500.
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Passionate Unilorites,


All graduating students are advised to download the NYSC ERROR UPLOAD LIST to confirm their status and do the necessary corrections.

Students with matriculation error should check their matriculation status on JAMB matriculation list website. After confirming the matriculation status, they'll either be directed to proceed to print their admission letter and/or JAMB results, or would be directed to do the JAMB Regularization, after which they can then print their admission letters.

Moreover, upload errors could also be from wrong details spellings, students with errors in their details should forward the correct details to [email protected].


Thank you!
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Passionate Unilorites,


This is to inform the general public to kindly disregard the rumors going around that Hostel portal was opened today and that all bed spaces have been allocated. The portal was only accessible briefly while a trial testing was being conducted.

Also, we want to seize this moment to announce the date for hostel allocation, which is October 24th, 2019. We implore interested students to login to their school portal at exactly 11am on the scheduled date to book a bed space.

We wish all unilorites a stress-free and productive academic session.
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Passionate Unilorites,


Scarcity of vehicles, which was largely caused by the withdrawal of some Korope Drivers from our campus, was the biggest reason behind the transportation challenges experienced last session.

After series of negotiation with the Korope Drivers (whose initial proposal was a 100% increment (I.e ₦100 fare)) on campus and having reasoned with the impact of inflation in recent years, we have met and resolved for a slight adjustment in the price of Korope from PS to Terminus, to attract more buses and alleviate the hydra-headed transportation problem on campus.

We negotiated the proposed ₦100 fare from Terminus - school park to a ₦10 increment for bus stops beyond Sanrab and no increment for PS - Sanrab. This simply means that PS - Sanrab/Terminus is now ₦60 , while PS - Oke-Odo - Sanrab remains at ₦50 .

While we understand the financial burden this will have on students, we appeal to our esteemed members to consider this new development, putting in mind the importance of the Korope Drivers on transportation on our campus. The association has also added 20 new buses to the fleet already on ground in order to continue rendering quality services to the better by far students.

The new price is to take effect from Monday, 14th October 2019. However, we urge the student populace to vehemently resist any form of extortion beyond these agreed prices and bus stops. Any inappropriate behavior or acts of extortion should be reported to any official of the Student Union.

Please be rest assured that we remain devoted to advancing the welfare of our students, and we are passionate about the ease of transportation of every Unilorites.
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This is to inform all graduating students for 2018/2019 Academic Session that you can now check for the correctness of your details before final submission to NYSC for 2019 batch C National Youth Service Scheme.

Also, note that you are to pay attention to the following details:

Jamb Number
Matriculation Number;
Surname; First and Middlename (spellings);
State of Origin and gender as well as other details contained in the released dummy list.

For corrections, please follow this format:

Your Matric No
Your Name
Your course
Wrong Detail(s)
Correct Detail(s)

Any other comments

All complaints should be forwarded to: [email protected]

Lastly, please note that faculty of Life Sciences and LAW dummy list would be out latest Tuesday, 8/10/19 while students on supplementary senate approved list (Sept 30, 2019) would be released subsequently as they would also be mobilized for NYSC 2019 batch C.

NB. Please also note that if you have not confirmed your status on jamb matriculation list, your mobilization for National Service may be rejected.

Please download the list below:



Basic Medical Sciences


Clinical Sciences


Management Sciences


Physical Sciences

Social Sciences

Veterinary Medicine



The list for Faculties of Law and Life Sciences shall be made available very soon.

Thank you
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